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I might only have a small amount of followers, but I followed you all back so you must be cool as fuck right? I stole this idea fromĀ  Matt Baldwin (MattyCantFail) (and he probably stole it from someone else, the bastard!), but fill this out and send it to my question asking thing. You never know, maybe we’ll run into oneanother some day. That way we’ll have something to talk about and I’ll buy you a beer! I’ll fill this one out…boredom did this. Blame him/her/it!


Name: Anthony Barlow

Age: 19 Location: Manchester, UK

Favorite artists/bands: Frank Turner, Alkaline Trio, Fake Problems, Crazy Arm, The Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music,

Beer of choice: Hoegaarden (but I’ll actaully drink any old swill)

Favorite movies: The Warriors, Control, Riding In Vans With Boys, Dogma, Clerks

Favorite tv shows: Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Psych, Louis Theroux documentaries

Favorite sports teams: Manchester United, Denver Nuggets

If you could have one super power what would it be and why: Chuck Ragan’s voice (this needs no explanation and, yes, it is a super power!)

Favorite album of 2010: Fake Problems - Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

Favorite Simpsons characters: Comic Book Guy, Mr. Burns

Why are you following me?: I can’t help it. I write this shit. It’s here all day in the darkest corners of my brain.

Do you listen to my podcast?: I record my podcast so…Yes.

Any additional comments:Do this piece of shit!

  1. dan-rayner said: I’m here to claim my free beer.
  2. unsubstantiatedrumors said: Comic book guy, yes.
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